The module focusses on the dynamic character of EU environmental law as parameter of the global commitment to sustainable development. It aims at providing students with a thorough understanding of the use of legal rules for the protection of the environment. In particular it aims at introducing students to EU legislative instruments and methods of environmental governance.


Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge on how to look up, understand and comment on the EU legal texts protecting the environment
  • Pay special attention to legal requirements concerning the integration of environmental protection in various areas of development
  • Distinguish between legally mandatory requirements of EU legislation and the national margin of appreciation in environmental matters



The module is dedicated to both the scope and the exercise of EU environmental competence (internal and external). The guiding principles, objectives and instruments of EU environmental policy will be examined; horizontal issues of EU environmental law (impact assessment, access to justice, liability) will be studied as applications thereof. Particular emphasis will be placed on the global problem of climate change and the regulatory response to this by the introduction of the tools promoted by the EU Green Deal.

Academic Requirements

Participants are required to have at least some basic previous knowledge of EU Law. A general knowledge of environmental protection mechanisms can serve as a good background.

Teaching method

The module will run under both seminar and workshop format, which requires a high degree of student activity. Students are expected to make a ppt presentation of approximately 15 slides. EU legal material (EU Treaty provisions, Regulations, Directives) as well as CJEU case law will be made available and discussed thoroughly during the courses. The course will be supported by teaching material. Specialized literature and websites will also be communicated to the students.


The module is taught by Assistant Professor Metaxia Kouskouna.

Assessment and testing

  • Written exam, closed book - 2 hours (60%)
  • One ppt presentation (40%)