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This research project has two main aims. First, to document the recent instances where international courts, tribunals or other bodies refer explicitly to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (VCLT). The 1st of January 2012 has been selected as the threshold-date determining the ‘recency’ of a judgment/award/decision. Second, the project aims to offer a translation of the Convention in modern Greek. The Greek law of 1974 transposing the VCLT into the greek legal order is written in an archaic form of modern greek (καθαρεύουσα). Thus, it is not easily readable by law students. Further, the terminology used in not consistent throughout the text and the meaning of the original text has, in places, been altered.

The volume (Research Paper 1/2019) is a compilation, to the best of our efforts, of the practice of international courts and tribunals from the 1st of January 2012 and up to the completion of the present study, i.e. the 31st of January 2019. During this period, 118 relevant decisions of international courts, tribunals and other bodies were recorded. The general formatting of the present collection of materials follows the previous similar study carried out by LLM students of the same programme. Each VCLT provision is translated in modern Greek and then followed by the selected extracts of decisions/judgments/awards. No further context in which the dicta were made is given. Submissions of parties invoking the articles, and opinions of judges appended to a decision are not included.

The volume compiles the research assignments carried out by the students of the Athens International Studies LL.M. Program (’19 class) as part of their assessment for the course “International Courts and Tribunals” taught by Professor Photini Pazartzis and Lecturer Anastasios Gourgourinis. Dr. Nikolaos Voulgaris assisted the students with researching the materials included herein, as well as editing the students’ work and compiling it in a single volume. ’19 LL.M. class who made a contribution to the present volume: Spyros Athanasopoulos, Kalliopi Benou, Evangelia Brinia, Aristea Daskalaki, Katerina Daskalopoulou, Kalliopi Zermioti, Eleni Gerasoudi, Christos Giannopoulos, Ilias Ioakeim, Augousta-Maria Kaloudi, Konstantina Kaluva, Athina Kantzidou, Nikitas Kiousis, Maria Kofopoulou, Stefania Koletti, Loukia Kopitsa, Panagiotis Koufakis, Dimitra-Myrto Mougkasi, Natalia Mouzoula, Foto Pappa, Prokopios Rekas, Alexandra Pechilivanidi, Hara Sioka, Efstathia Stavropoulou and Marios Tokas.

Special thanks are due to Katerina Daskalopoulou, Natalia Mouzoula and Marios Tokas for their assistance in editing and formatting.

Research Paper 1/2019 can be downloaded here.