On 13-14 May 2016, Athens PIL hosted the inaugural meeting of the ILA Study Group on ‘The Content and Evolution of the Rules of Interpretation’ in Athens. During the meeting, a Road Map prepared by the Officers of the ILA Study Group was discussed. A timeline of the Study Group’s research and deliverables was also agreed on, in preparation for the second meeting during the 77th ILA Conference in Johannesburg.

The Study Group, which was established in April 2015 aims at examining the gaps in our understanding of the rules of interpretation as they stand now, as they have evolved through time and irrespective of the source of the rule being interpreted. The Study Groups work will consist of a preliminary examination of the most critical issues and gaps in the context of the process of interpretation, offer insights and guidelines, and identify key-point areas in need of further elaboration by a future ILA Committee to be established after the completion of the Study Groups work.

More information on the ILA Study Group on the Content and Evolution of the Rules of Interpretation can be found here.