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On Tuesday, 11 June 2019 we were most happy to welcome Dr Stephen Minas, Assistant Professor at the School of Transnational Law, Peking University to deliver a lecture on:

Climate change and multipolar world disorder

The lecture was part of the course on International Environmental Law taught by Associate Professor Maria Gavouneli. The class comprised students from both the LL.M. in International Law and the LL.M. in Environmental Law programmes 2018-2019. Dr Minas was able to apprise us of the latest developments in climate change negotiations after Kotowice 2018 and prior to Bonn 2019 and, inevitably, the discussion that followed was both interesting and lively.

Dr Minas went on to the Bonn Climate Change Conference, held on 17-27 June 2019, where he was elected in his personal capacity a member of the Technology Executive Committee – TEC, the policy arm of the Technology Mechanism serving the Paris Agreement. The TEC, a body of 20 technology experts representing developed and developing countries, analyses climate technology issues and develops balanced policy recommendations, supporting countries to accelerate action on climate change and reports to the Conference of the Parties on its performance and activities. 

Our warmest congratulations!